The news is out! We’re screaming from the rooftops. We have been selected as Digital Artists in Residence for Coventry’s UK City of Culture 2021 bid.

We’ll be hosting a series of workshops in the next few weeks, working with different community groups to imagine playful interactive artworks that could make the experience of travelling through Coventry a bit more fun. Then this autumn, we’ll be turning a handful of Coventry’s ideas into reality.

We want to engage a city of creators, working with people to represent their experiences and creating work that sparks the imagination of local people. It’s sometimes the small things that you remember and make you smile, not necessarily the huge spectacle. Our aim is to encourage people to think differently, to look at, for example, a bus stop, how we can use that differently, digitally and how everyday life might look in a future city. Our creative process will be taking the public’s ideas – these moments of magic – and making them a reality.

You can read all about it in the Coventry Telegraph here: