laser conveyor

Contribute to a giant collaborative stream of consciousness poem.

With a conveyor belt.

And huge frickin’ lasers.

Black wavy line.


















Ahead of the main event we design a workshop programme in collaboration with local writers to curate the word ingredients of a deconstructed poem that means something to local people or connect with your wider event or programme themes.

On the night, visitors pick a small bundle of word tiles from the prepared selection and place them into a continuous stream of collaborative poetry via conveyor belt.

Cameras trace the feed from the conveyor belt and the words are presented in real time as giant lasers wrapping text around the face of your chosen building or site.

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Artistic Direction: Ludic Rooms
Creative Technologist: Andrew Payne
Laser Partner: Reach Lasers
Photography: Andrew Moore

With thanks to Mary Courtney for her help in curating the original collection of word tiles.

Laser Conveyor was originally developed as part of Random String 2021, produced in partnership with Coventry City of Culture Trust and supported by Arts Council England and the Canal & River Trust.