Enact is a location-based experience played with mobile devices. It takes players on a journey of stories and challenges around Coventry city centre.

The game begins at a central hub in an empty shop. Players are briefed via the hub and given a map of sites around at the city. Players choose their own journey around the sites of their choice. Each site poses a challenge; take a photo, talk to someone, sing a song, send a text message, record a voicemail. Enact their resolution. Upon their return to the hub each user receives a personal record of their journey, a printed visualisation that augments their real world experience of the game. Enact is a Ludic Rooms project. It was designed for and commissioned by the Coventry Mysteries Festival 2012 with support from Coventry City Council, Coventry University, Warwick University and the Higgs Charity.

Enact takes players on a journey around Coventry in which challenges are issued at each location. The players must consider a conflict and enact a resolution. Answers can be in the form of text sms messages, voice mail recordings, twitter updates, mobile pictures, sound recordings or music. The choices and actions of each location influence the subsequent journey you take as well as augmenting the final result. When you have finished, each player takes home a generative digital print which acts as a visual representation of their journey. Their answers, location choices, date and time all shape the artwork. No two prints are the same.