Hiding Places was a Creative Partnerships project at Elms Farm Community Primary School in Sheldon. We wanted to create a technology enabled, narrative driven experience for parents and pupils at Elms Farm. Working with KS1 and KS2 children we created a series of response to the schools outdoor spaces in the form of audio, story and image. These were given a QR code and then hidden back around the school to be discovered. Each could be scanned to reveal content and a special installation allowed a combination of codes to create an immersive audio-visual experience.

Utilising a whole-school approach, we were commissioned by Bright Space to provide a digital interactive element to the school’s Summer Fair. Utilising QR codes and the theme of hiding we used digital technology to provide a unique visitor experience to every individual who attended the fair. Over the course of 7 sessions the young people used a variety of digital technologies to express their own approach to the theme. We used digital photography to capture places within the school grounds along with microphones to record micro sounds and field recordings. To encourage confidence in speaking and listening we also recorded literacy work which included poetry and stories. Each of the three distinct works was digitised and allocated a barcode. These QR codes were printed onto coloured paper to signify the three types of digital content and each code represented a piece of digital work (sound, literacy, photography). The printed codes were then distributed at various stalls and locations around the school grounds. When the barcode was scanned on one of 9 stations the digital content was presented.