Produced for the Turing Centenary and inspired by Alan Turing’s work on Morphogenesis, Multiscale was commissioned for the Blinc Digital Arts Festival, Conwy, Wales and received national press coverage including broadcast on BBC News. Exploring morphogenetic patterns in nature, particularly phyllotactic spirals and cyclic symmetry, Multiscale enabled the 20,000 visitors to create and grow enormous coloured shapes projected on the walls of the historic Conwy Castle.

Alan Turing

Ludic Rooms have been inspired by Alan Turing and his work for the visual output of their Multiscale installation for the blinc digital arts festival in Conwy, Wales.

Using Turing’s work on morphogenesis as the initial starting point for the piece, Ludic Rooms have explored patterns in nature and mathematical models used to simulate and recreate these spatial patterns through digital models. Reaction diffusion, Chaos Theory, Gray Scott, Wolfram, Conway, Lorenz and cellular automata have all inspired the installations generative visual identity with elements of each combined to produce a morphing shifting palette of colour, pattern and number.

Ludic Rooms aim to bring to life some of Turing’s most seminal work in this particular field to a broad audience through digital projection and interactivity.