In 2018 Ludic Rooms took up residency at The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and produced Play!, a series of events, activities and art works centred on the theme of play.  Activities included an evening event at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum with a variety of participatory activities.


Herbert Late Event

We invited visitors to play, build, design and protest with us across the building, with each activity feeding into the research and development of the residency. 

Nest at the Herbert

In residency at the Herbert Art Gallery we created a modular, evolving physical play space that appeared in different spaces around the Gallery and Museum.

Off-site installations

Installations incorporated elements produced during the Herbert residency were installed at Godiva Festival,  Spon Spun Festival, and The Random String Symposium.  

The Toyless Toy Catalogue

The Toyless Toys Catalogue is an online catalogue that doesn’t contain anything you can buy. Instead it shows players how they can design, build, hack and construct their own playful things from found materials and digital things.

Play! has been supported by: