In this time of protest and direct action, Ludic Rooms  is inviting you to experience the power of placards to build bridges and do good.  We’re pleased to have been invited to respond to Imagineer Productions’ hugely ambitious BRIDGE project – a much-needed creative exploration of the physical & social division and ways to overcome them. BRIDGE involves a spectacular performance on Friday 27 & Saturday 28  night under a huge bridge structure and three day programme of free pop up events by local artists and communities We’re bringing out our placard workshop for both Friday & Saturday that was, first delivered as part of our PLAY project at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in 2018. On Friday 27 September we will be outside The Herbert Art Gallery, and on Saturday 28 September in Broadgate.   We want to give a voice to Coventry citizens and create messages of ideas and fun, using  the power of a placard. Encourage your fellow citizens to rise up & bake a cake, make a friend, tell a joke. We challenge you to come up with the wittiest and the most thought-provoking slogans.  Make change through beautiful words.