In a time when we’ve all enjoyed the power of getting lost, Ludic Rooms’ Walkshops project will offer the opportunity to do so around Coventry Canal,  in parallel with walkers on the other side of the world. 

Ludic Rooms will work with international artist and deveoper Babak Fakhamzadeh to create a series of art-walks that simultaneously explore the watercourses of Coventry, UK and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ludic Rooms received a International Changemaker Bursary for Digital Collaboration from the Coventry City of Culture Trust and the British Council to develop Walkshops – a project for artfully walking to take place in Coventry, UK and Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Ludic Rooms approached Babak due to our shared interest in psychogeography – a playful and mindful approach to exploring urban environments pioneered by the Situationist art movement. Babak is an internationally respected artist and developer and a co-creator of several applications, platforms and networks that support art walks and urban exploration. We will use these digital resources as a starting point for new synchronous experiments in real time and real life.