Make poems not demos

Our workshops are designed to make people examine issues and explore concepts. Not play with a particular gizmo.


We want people to learn to make things themselves. Tinker. Play. Explore. Not just copy how we do it.


Our workshops are streamed to work with any group type and size. They are inclusive. We’ve worked with families, pre-schoolers, professionals, undergraduates and those with special needs.

A couple of workshop ideas (we have lots more)

Playable Cities

How can technology (even simple things) help us reconnect with the places in which we live? How can play shift the balance of power and give people agency. With giggles.

Process: Learn about and implement our three i’s for collective play: Invitations, Interruptions, & Interfaces.

Tools: Paper. Balloons. Vinyl-cut stickers. Chalk. String.

Demystifying technology

Take it apart. Lick it. No seriously. Remove things, add new things. Make it do something it was never meant to do.

Process: Circuit bending toys (soldering or solder free)

Tools: Pound shop toys, variable resistors; control pots, LDRs, FSRs. Drinking straws.

Random repurposing

Is there such a thing as ‘creative technology’? Who or what is in control of the creativity? Can anything be random?

Process: Everyone start with the same object. Hack and repurpose it to create sound or pictures on your behalf.

Tools: Ikea milk frothers. A huge box of crafty and scrapstore gubbins.

See for yourself

Interested in a chat about our workshops? We work with partners all over the country as well as from our own warehouse studio space.